Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Ring- Outward & Visible Sign

...of an inward and invisible bond.

The wedding ring is only a symbol of the promise we spoke on August 23, 1969--the outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible love that binds us together. I know that to be true in my rational brain, and often say those words to couples. Tonight, however, I'm giving those words a lot of thought, just as I'm thinking about my own outward symbol.

I'm sad tonight because the ring had to be cut off of my finger.

Only once in almost 40 years has my wedding band been off my finger, and that was for a medical procedure. However, tonight we had to cut the ring off my finger due to a fall last week that injured my left hand, causing two fingers to swell. The finger isn't broken but the pain caused by swelling around the ring finally got too intense and the cutting was necessary.

At the moment I can't get to sleep as I contemplate how to adjust these next few days without something that is so important to me. My wife is supportive and concerned--oh, alright, she fusses over me like the good wife and nurse that she is. Most men hate this and I profess to dislike being fussed over, but in my heart I know that it's her concern for my physical well being. After all, she's the one with the five year B.S. in Nursing from UT Austin, graduate work at TWU and having taught nursing at the Brackenridge School of Nursing in Austin. I have to respect that. Not having the ring on my finger certainly doesn't cause her concern for the well-being of our marriage. That's taken care of in the "inward and invisible love" part.

Here's a thought: once my hand is healed, swelling down and we have the ring repaired, maybe we'll have a vow renewal ceremony and take our love where we took it 40 years ago--to the altar of God's love.

btw, my camera doesn't take good close ups, so the image is a little blurry, not to mention having my hand packed in ice made me a little shaky.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Faith and Courage

...taking risks and trusting God for the outcome

Since Friday afternoon I've had a permanent grin on my face owing to the phone call from our son in Albuquerque. "Dad, Alyssa's pregnant and we've got a heartbeat!" This means another grandbaby on the way:) It also means there will be a heap of praying the next few months.

In late 2007, Ian and Lyss lost a little girl, Sydney Grace, who was born into Jesus' arms on November 30, 2007. Then one year later, they lost another to an early term miscarriage. All of this has been chronicled on the blog "Sydney's Grace".

I cannot possibly imagine the faith and courage it took on their part to decide to try again. Could you? Knowing all the statistics, knowing the health issues Lyss faces, knowing how it might affect all of their lives--knowing all that and more and they decided to trust God to make this decision for them.

As a husband and father, I've seen plenty of health issues in our family. I've been there with Donna through numerous surgeries, cancer, on-going problems with arthritis and other issues. I thought I was pretty tough when it came to those things, but my son is carrying a weight that would cripple most men. In my eyes, he is a giant--and no, not because he's seven inches taller than I am, but because he's a spiritual giant, a good father and a good husband.

The latest lab tests are good and they've got a heartbeat. Our faith is strong, but I confess that it'll be hard to take a deep breath in between Lyssa's doctor visits.

By the way, I threw in the pictures just so you can see the fine looking branch of the family in Albuquerque.

p.s. Still can't get this huge grin off my face.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Seems Like Yesterday

...except it was 34 years ago

After a trip to see the doctor, we were back home working in the yard. Planting flowers in the back yard as I recall. Then we got the phone call from the doctor's office--test results were serious, we should go to the hospital and the doctor would meet us there. I think we got checked in around 5:30pm on April 2. In the next couple of hours I would learn more about pre-eclampsia than I ever wanted to know.

Happily, the situation stabilized, and after the c-section, we welcomed Adam Christopher into the world around 7:30am on April 3. What a day! This was before the world of cellphones and instant communication so the rest of the family got notified from the payphone in the lobby. Can't remember how many quarters I used or how many collect calls I made.

Even though Donna and I had been married almost six years at this time, it seems as though that's when our lives started. A family. A first born son. And now that both of our sons have sons, I know they understand this feeling.

Happy birthday, Adam. I love you.


btw, the black & white pic is one of my favorites and the beautiful girl at his side is his wife of 11 years, and the mother of grandsons #1 & #3.