Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ease On Down The Road

...a whole new processional idea

If you haven't seen this video, click the link below. It pretty much blows the lid off any wedding processional you've ever seen. I'm not suggesting that this is for everyone, and many will want a more solemn moment.

However, I view a wedding as a celebration and this couple definitely started their marriage with a celebration and a sense of humor.

Dance. Boogie. Get down wit yo bad self. Watch video

Enjoy. InJoy.

Ken "Gotta Dance" Byrd

07/24/09 UPDATE: Apparently this video has gone viral and the couple has been on some of the morning tv shows. The first dance at the reception was also choreographed, but I haven't seen it posted anywhere yet.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

even when they're 34

My daughter-in-law, Heather, recently combined a couple of their family pic sites into one blog. As any grandparent would, I applaud this move because it gives me quicker access to pix of two grandsons in Round Rock.

The latest blog entry covers a recent family outing to Zilker Park in Austin. Adam & Heather took Alexander (4 years old) while Aidan (6 years old) was in a summer school program called Summer Wonders. The school is for kids who--believe it or not--WANT to go to school in the summer.

So while they were at Zilker, they took Alexander (we call him Nander) for a ride on the Zilker Zephyr, a kids train that circles the park. He loved it as you can see from the happy face in the picture. For that matter, how could anyone resist that smooshy face. I can't.

Then there's the third little boy, or as he is sometimes known, father of Aidan and Alexander. Take this picture for what it's worth; just trust me, it's in character, right down to the words on the tee shirt.

If you go visit the blog HERE you'll notice a decidedly German flavor, owing to Heather's German heritage. At home, she speaks English and German to the boys and they're likely to answer in either language. Sometimes they pretend not to understand, unless they're in trouble and are being scolded. Then, amazingly, they speak & understand fluent German. Nothing like a mommy voice to add clarity.

Thanks for the blog, Heather.


Monday, July 13, 2009

The Comfort

...the indescribable joy of a best friend

My hope is that everyone has a "best friend". My best friend (other than my spouse) is my buddy, Rev. Ken Savage. He and I crossed paths about 1982 or so at our church, now known as The Heights, but originally called Richardson Heights Baptist Church.

He and his wife, I and my wife, watched each other's children grow up. We shared job struggles together, child raising together, and so many other things. Even though my rational brain can put a date on it, I usually can't remember a time when Ken wasn't part of my life. We share so many things: a love of God, love of family, love of music (blues & rock) and so much more. One of my favorite memories was the occasion of mine & Donna's 20th wedding anniversary when the four of us were hosted for a weekend cruise on Lake Texoma on a 57 foot yacht. My other favorite memory is from 2001, when I had surgery, he was kicked out of my hospital room by the nurses because they were afraid our laughter would tear my stitches. Later he brought me videos of old comedy shows to watch while I healed up. As the Bible says, laughter is good medicine. He and I have shared plenty of said medicine.

When I lost my mother in 1998, he was one of my first phone calls. When he lost his brother recently, my phone rang. When my son and his wife lost a baby in 2007, he was my first phone call. When either of us needs to vent over almost anything, our numbers are on each other's speed dial. I know that if I called him in the middle of the night and asked for help, he wouldn't ask what or why, he'd just hang up and start driving towards me. I'd do the same.

There is a joy in feeling comfortable with a close friend, knowing that I can say anything at all to him, yell, vent, cry, whatever--and he'll keep that which is worth keeping, and like a kind wind, blow away and not remember that which should be forgotten.

Friends like that don't come along every day. Dr. Savage, my friend, I love you. Philippians 1:3


p.s. Given that we're both associated with LoveNotesWeddings, I love it when wedding coordinators and venue folks refer to us as "the Kens".

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seeing Couples In Love

...another joy in my life.

Sometimes at wedding ceremonies I see couples that catch my attention and I just want to know their story. Sometimes, I only find out a little, sometimes nothing at all. However, sometimes the love is obvious and in this case, the picture tells the story.

I only got the guy's name (Christopher) but not his beautiful gf. They were in the foyer trying to take a picture of themselves so I offered to snap a couple of them. I liked this one so much that I asked Christopher to email it to me.

The wedding in question was for Kim and Parrish, and it included the baptism of their 6 month old daughter Peyton. It was my distinct honor and pleasure not only to join the bride and groom in marriage, but to baptise Peyton Julia Mackey in front of about 150 guests.

Soon as I get the wedding pictures, I'll probably put up another entry. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Note to Christopher: you're a lucky guy. If it gets serious, let me know and I'll give you sage advice based on my marriage of 40 years.