Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Circle of Life

...mine keeps getting bigger

Sometime back I had the joy of  officiating the ceremony for Emily and Peter, including their daughter, Kaylehn. Go here to see artwork she made for me:

 Anyway, I recently heard from Emily in two different ways. Seems her cousin, Natalie, attended her wedding and now Natalie has given me the honor of doing her ceremony as well sometime in November. I also got an email from Emily that Kaylehn has a new little sister, Ava. Here are a couple of pix.

I so love it when my couples stay in touch and bless me with such pictures. It's a double blessing when they entrust a friend or relative to my care.

Next up--Emily has time off to be a new mom before going back to work; Peter is still training as a paramedic, Kaylehn is being a big sis, and Ava is...well, doing what babies do.

Emily, Peter, Kaylehn, and Ava: thanks for sharing your lives with me.


Friday, August 26, 2011


...How Time Flies

August 23, 1969 Donna and I said our vows at Highland Park Baptist Church in Austin. The reception was held at her parents home. What were we thinking?!!  The house was good sized, but the air conditioner wasn't designed to handle 60 guests when the temp was 95 and the humidity at 64%.  But it was fun, even so.

Later she changed into her travel ensemble, I changed into my formal bell-bottoms and double breasted blazer. We hopped into our 1967 VW Beetle, no air conditioning, and headed off to our honeymoon.

Love conquers all, we always say. That day it conquered the heat, humidity and sweat.  

Happy anniversary, my love. It's been a great 42 years.