Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Wedding Experience

...details coming soon.

This coming Sunday I'll have the honor of officiating a rather interesting wedding ceremony. The groom is from Trinidad and comes from a Catholic background. The bride is from India and was raised in an Indian Christian denomination called "Mar Thoma", literally meaning St. Thomas.

They wanted to include elements of both faiths and cultures and after the rehearsal tonight I've concluded that we succeeded in that wish. In a few days I hope to have pictures and a full description of what promises to be one of the more interesting ceremonies I've had.

One thing is certain, and common to all ceremonies: LOVE. This bride and groom have chosen to celebrate the differences, choose the best of what each has to offer, and combine those things into a beautiful, meaningful ceremony.

In the meantime, just Google "Mar Thoma". A whole world of discovery awaits.