Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sound Advice

...why you hire a professional DJ for your wedding

This past weekend was a study in contrasts. Of the weddings I had, all were sweet, meaningful and at the end of the day, each couple was married to their love. So what was the difference?

At one of the ceremonies, the bride and groom had chosen some specific readings and had written their own vows to each other. Unfortunately, after the ceremony, the comment I heard from numerous guests was "it was a lovely ceremony but we couldn't hear anything". The venue had not provided a sound system for the event.

At a ceremony the next day, the couple had hired a professional DJ who set up a top quality sound system for the ceremony as well as for the reception. The guests heard every word, crystal clear, and I didn't have to raise my voice just so the guests in the back row could hear. The guests could engage in the ceremony and enjoy the meaningful words the couple chose. Further, it allowed me to speak to the couple in a conversational tone.

Then, there's the reception. If the DJ, sound system, and lights are top quality, the reception will sparkle. If the event starts off slow, the DJ can pump it up. If it gets a little too rowdy, the DJ can slow it down. That's what a professional does. Your DJ can absolutely make or break a wedding reception.

This past weekend, the DJ who made it work was Randal Stout. I've worked with him many times over the last few years and he & his crew deliver premium quality every time. Not only that, but at last month's annual "Best Of" banquet hosted by the American Association of Certified Wedding planners, Randal was awarded the trophy for top DJ/MC for 2010. He even provided Sunday's couple with a minute by minute itinerary of events from the time they arrived until the time they took off in the limo. Details like that sure make my job easier. Besides, he's just a heck of a nice guy.

Click HERE to visit Randal's website. When you plan an event, don't skimp on the technical stuff. That's sound advice.


Little Boys

...sometimes cause big tears

We had the Albuquerque branch of the family in town last weekend. It was a quick trip for Ian and Lyss to attend the wedding of a friend. Even though I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I still got to spend some time with Liam and Henry.

Henry has definitely made up time from being a preemie. This is an alert, healthy and chunky 5 month old. His blues eyes can melt hearts at fifty paces away. His appetite can empty a bottle in a heartbeat.

Liam is growing up. At five years old, he's taller than all his friends which gives them a problem buying clothes for him. If they buy pants that are long enough, they're way too big in the waist. Regrettably, that is not a "problem" that I have.

This little boy also has a way with words. Donna took him to the park on Monday and during the visit he mentioned that it was his last day in Dallas for a while. Donna responded that she would miss him a lot.

He replied, "I'll miss you, too, but you'll be in my heart because I love you".

Hard to explain to a 5 year old why his grandparents have tears in their eyes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Fairy God-Mother Grants Wishes Fairy Tale Manor

Weather-wish granting was at it's best this past weekend; maybe that's part of the package at Fairy Tale Manor. Last Sunday, Lindsey and Brandon got married in the garden gazebo at the Frisco wedding venue. Could not have been better weather. Sunny, about 70 degrees at ceremony time. Tom and Marcy had the details under control, while Gary Lankford (Heavy G Productions) had the DJ duties under control. Learn more about Gary and his crew at

For this event I was fortunate to have my daughter-in-law, Heather, along with me. I had asked her to tag along and take a bunch of candid photos. Posted here are just a few of the 200 or so that she shot.

I do love it when the bride's smile is that big, and the groom is just gazing at her, wondering how he got so lucky. But that's common for us guys. We're never quite sure how we manage to attract and keep our mates. This bride and groom were as relaxed and laid back as they come. Not a bridezilla in sight anywhere.

Oh, the flower girl. Look at that face. When she toddled over towards me holding her arms up, I was powerless to resist. At every wedding, the bride is always the most beautiful girl there. Sunday, the flower girl was definitely next in line.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Triggering the Mental Time Machine

...sometimes it's the strangest things

A couple of days ago, we had a left over hamburger patty from a weekend cook out. Donna asked me if I wanted it for lunch (I did) and so she sliced the cold meat into flat strips and put them between two slices of bread rather than a hamburger bun, along with the usual condiments. I took a bite and was instantly transported back to the fourth grade in Orlando, Florida.

Hamburger sandwiches were something that my mother sometimes sent to school with me in my brown bag. Later on I realized it was a way of stretching one hamburger patty into two sandwiches--one for me, one for her. On those days when I opened my lunch bag at school, it was like a treat to find the hamburger sandwich: bread, meat, mayo, mustard, pickles. It made me feel so warm and loved.

That's exactly how my mother made everyone feel. Not just me and my sisters, but cousins, friends, neighbors, and later on, her grandchildren. Unfortunately, she was gone before any of the great-grandchildren came along.

On March 9, 1998, mom suffered a respiratory arrest, never regained consciousness and died peacefully around 5:30pm on March 11. She was only 70 years old. Don't know that she ever knew how important those brown bag hamburger sandwiches were to me.

Love you mom, and miss you every day.