Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sydney's Song

...a father's heart is torn in two

Regular readers already know this story. On November 29, 2007 we got the news that our granddaughter, Sydney Grace, had died in utero due to a severe placental abruption. That sounds blunt, but it's the fact. Ian called me that day to break the news. Because we were so close to delivery date, I immediately answered my phone whenever I saw his name in the caller id. I picked up the phone expecting happy news, but no.

Sydney Grace was born still the next day; we almost lost Alyssa that day, but thanks to generous donors she received several units of blood which saved her life. Alyssa was in critical condition; my son had to make funeral arrangements for his daughter. No father should have to do that.

While there will never be any "getting over" Sydney's death, they decided to move forward and trust God for the future. Fortunately, God blessed them with Henry two years later. I don't really know if I could be that strong and I admire them for their faith.

I was somewhat aware that Ian was working on a project for Sydney and only a few weeks ago found out that he had been working on "Sydney's Song". The recording process took about a year. The result is now complete and can be heard, for free, or it can be downloaded in almost any format you want for a small donation. Proceeds will go to the Abba Fund at Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque--this fund is used to help couples with expenses incurred in the adoption process; Ian and Alyssa have decided they want a third child and have begun the journey to adopt.

I hope you'll click the link above and listen to the song. Even though it's initially about losing their daughter, it is ultimately about our knowledge that we can see her again, in heaven. BTW, a word about the little wind chimes you'll hear at the beginning and end of the song- at Sydney's memorial service several months later, Lyss gave us all little wind chimes to remember Sydney. We hung ours in the crepe myrtle over our garden bench. Sometimes when we sit there, the breeze makes the chimes tinkle and we always say "Hi, Sydney".

And sometimes, they make noise when there is no breeze at all.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


...surrounded by love

The look on Alexander's face says it all.