Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Rainy Wedding July??

Who would have thought that an outdoor wedding in McKinney, Texas could possibly have had a rain problem? Despite the forecast, Kristin and Roby went forward with the plans for an outside ceremony at The Cotton Mill in McKinney on July 7. Mother Nature had other plans.

So at the last minute, we moved everything indoors, re-set the chairs, decorations, sound system etc. The bride and groom were not rattled at all by the change. They still had the fun, romantic wedding of their dreams. They made a memory. As long as they live, everytime they hear rain drops hit the roof, they'll think of their wedding day. A happy memory.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Humphrey Allen of Copper Penny Films (visit them on the web) for taking the rain and turning it into a happy motif for the wedding video. I haven't seen the final edit yet, but HERE is a highlight she sent me. Can't wait to see the finished version.  Elizabeth, thanks for making this old guy look and sound decent!  Congratulations to Kristin and Roby for not letting a little rain dampen your wedding ceremony.

BTW, the happy little song playing through most of the video is called "Darling" written and performed by husband and wife team, Handsome and Gretyl. Learn more about them HERE and listen to their music HERE


Monday, October 1, 2012

A Blog Worth Following


My daughter-in-law, Alyssa, is a very talented and prolific blogger and I look forward to her regular start-the-week series called "Grace Laced Mondays". Today's entry is no exception as she talks about the similarities between living in a "fixer-upper" house, while we all carry around "fixer-upper" hearts that God is still dealing with.

The previous blog entry is just as inciteful. She used a song written and performed by a mutual friend that explains the 23rd Psalm in a way I hadn't thought of before. Read the post and then listen to the song HERE

Lyssa's blog is named in memory of their daughter, Sydney.  Go by her blog, enjoy, follow it. Click HERE to get started.