Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little Surprise

...from The Knot/Texas

Most brides (and a few grooms) are aware of The, the largest and best known of the wedding planning websites. They also publish a national mag and a few regional ones such as The Knot/Texas. It's a slick paper, almost 500 page issue that comes out quarterly.

Imagine my surprise to get an email from a wedding planner friend advising me that I was in the current issue. The wedding in question was also the subject of an earlier post on this blog (click HERE)

The photographer was Sil Acevedo, a talented guy that I see at many of the high profile weddings and venues. Even though I'm not mentioned in the article and neither was the event planner, it was still nice exposure and reminded me of what a great time I had with this sweet couple last summer.

btw, the headline of the article refers to the couple, not me.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Refrigerator Art

...this one from 6 year old Jada

Regular followers of this blog know I'm a big fan of refrigerator art--if you want to see what's important to people, go look at what's on the outside of the refrigerator.

Last night I met with a couple to work out details of their wedding ceremony next month. This will be a blended family, so I got to meet six year old Jada, a charmer with dark hair and big, dark eyes. I always have paper, crayons and stickers with me for such occasions, so I asked Jada to make something for me.

She asked what she should draw. I told her to draw something that gives her happy thoughts. Above is the result--from left to right: grandfather, Jada, mom, dad, grandmother. Interesting how you can find out what's in a child's mind just by asking the right question.