Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sealing the Deal

...for Carole and Chris 

Some weddings, some couples stand out more than others in my memory. A particularly memorable one in 2014 was the Colleyville ceremony of Carole and Chris. The groom and four of the groomsmen are decorated Navy Seals. Don’t think I've ever seen five guys that fit and clear eyed—pretty much exactly what you’d want protecting our country. At the end of the ceremony, the four groomsmen drew their sabers and formed the traditional arch for the couple to exit. However, the thing that really made this one stand out for me is the way that Chris looked at his bride—so tenderly, totally in the moment. Granted, she's a beautiful woman but I think he was looking much deeper than that. Look closely at the picture above. 

They met in 2012 within a few days of each arriving at the US Embassy in Nigeria. She’s in the ambassador corps, and Chris was assigned there with the Navy. Here’s how you know how tough this couple is: she voluntarily goes to embassy assignments in countries that would scare most people. And Chris? Well, he traveled all the way back to Texas, alone, to ask Carole’s parents for her hand in marriage. That’s a tough guy!

Being married and in the military is not just a one person issue, however. It takes two. In this case, Chris is serving his country, being deployed for months at a time, while Carole is back home awaiting his return, giving him the reason to keep on keeping on, looking forward to the day he can come home to his love. It definitely takes two and I appreciate their service. We are the land of the free because of the brave like Carole and Chris.

 Oh, one more thing. Not sure if was intentional, but the ceremony start time was such that no diehard Longhorn fans would miss the football game. Carole and I share the love for our Texas Longhorns!