Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why You Hire a Professional

part 4 or 5 or 27 or...

Any followers of this blog know I'm a believer in hiring professionals for your event. Over the last couple of years I've occasionally spotlighted specific venues, vendors or event coordinators. Hiring professionals can make the difference between a memorable, once in a lifetime wedding--or a disaster.

Last night I was priviledged to officiate an interfaith ceremony for Jennifer and James. They wanted to include both Christian and Jewish traditions. Not only did this please their respective families, it also pointed out that when people choose to celebrate their differences, taking the best of what each has to offer, and combining those traditions, then clearly love transcends everything else.

What made last night's event (held at the Starlight Room in the Dallas West End) such a smash is that it was planned and carried out under the direction of Katoiya Bell, owner of Bella Domani Custom Wedding and Event Planning. No detail was left to chance, every flower in its place, every member of the wedding party lined up and ready, bartenders, caterers, florists, DJ--all brought into place at exactly the right time to begin a memorable event. This means that the bride and groom had a happy, stress free wedding--not having to worry about all the details.

I (along with my LoveNotes colleagues) have worked with Katoiya on many occasions, and I'm happy to say she more than deserves her spot on the LoveNotes preferred vendor list. Any time a couple gives me her name as their event planner, I admit that I mentally relax a few notches since I know the couple is in good hands and there are things I won't have to worry about; I can concentrate just on the couple.

Apparently, Katoiya is a little shy about photos, as I can only find the one above in my files or on the web. What you need to experience, though, is to see her in person while she's working. From my vantage point, standing with the groom at the front, I can see things the guests don't see. Last night, it was a jubilant Katoiya standing at the back, big smile, jumping and clapping as the bride entered the room. I do enjoy watching professionals who clearly love what they do. Clearly, she does.

btw, the venue photos above weren't from last night's wedding--don't have those yet, so I pulled some from my files.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


is over six months, and 15 pounds

The miracle baby, God's miracle of conception, God's miracle of gestation, His miracle of birth, is now over six months old. Born many weeks early, Henry's birth was the culmination of months of prayer and anticipation. Even with the early c-section and two weeks in the NICU, this child thrives. God has a plan for Henry.

On a different level, just look at that face. How can you not want to just pick him up and squeeze him? Be sure to click the image to see this in a larger size.

Just wish Albuquerque was a little closer to Dallas.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day the moms still with us, and those in our hearts

My own wife of nearly 41 years is a wonderful mother to our two sons, and equally wonderful at being grandmother to four little boys. My two sons somehow managed to attract mates who are also wonderful mothers. Adam and Heather have Aidan (age 7) and Alexander (age 5). Ian and Alyssa have Liam (age 5), Henry (six months), and Sydney Grace (who lives in heaven but was born more than two years ago).

Just about any woman can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a Mommy. I salute the mommies in my life, especially the one who gave birth to me. I miss her every day.