Tuesday, November 19, 2013


...30 Days of Grace We're approaching the anniversary of the loss of our grand daughter, Sydney Grace. November 30 six years ago she was born still and a dream for our son and daughter-in-law died with her. Over these six years we've all found many ways to honor and remember her. I still think of her in the present tense. This year Alyssa began a "30 Days of Grace" on November 1, finding ways to do random acts of kindness and generosity to honor Sydney. My wife and I have participated and haven't said much about it until today. Today, as we drove along Hwy 80 in Wills Point, we saw five young people conducting a car wash in front of a local business. We pulled in and inquired if this was a club or something. It wasn’t. Seems that the two holding signs and the three doing the car washing are friends of a young man whose sister was killed in an accident last week. None of them knew the girl who was killed. These five wanted to help the family with funeral expenses. No charge for the car wash, just donate what you can. Was my car squeaky clean after the car wash? No. It had streaks and water spots, but I drove away with an empty wallet thinking it was the best wash I ever had. Five kids doing a kindness for the memory of a friend's sister--someone they never met. Sydney's Grace. Blessings, Ken